AF-Southwest Garden Talk | Re-Energizing Your Systems Toward Progress

Stop re-inventing the wheel & start building processes for progress! Eliminate painful repetition with systemization tips from Chris Ronzio.

About this event

Chris Ronzio, Founder & CEO of Trainual will share the best ways to build processes to move the needle forward on important goals and daily tasks. An engaging Question & Answer portion of the Garden Talk will conclude the night’s formal activities.

Tickets are $5 (+ a small Eventbrite fee) for purchase ahead of time via Eventbrite. The event includes a delicious beverage crafted by Greenwood Brewing served in the outdoor garden event space. Dress for the weather, as this event is outdoors.


RSVP is required in our socially distanced Beer Garden for everyone to enjoy safely. For any questions or to confirm your attendance, please email Austin Jack at [email protected] or call 916-208-0213.


Chris Ronzio, Founder & CEO of Trainual

Chris Ronzio is the founder and CEO of Trainual, a leading SaaS company that helps businesses automate their onboarding and training by documenting every process, policy, and procedure in one simple system. Chris is also the host of the “Process Makes Perfect” podcast, author of “100 Hacks To Improve Your Business,” and Inc. Magazine contributor with a column called “The Process Playbook.” With Trainual, Chris is on a mission to make small business easier by helping business leaders find the time to do more of what they love and providing a way to document and delegate what they do.


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Through our programs, AF offers young professionals networking and mentoring opportunities, in addition to writing, speaking, and program management experience to help you become a more effective advocate for freedom.

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May 11 2021


5:30 pm - 7:30 pm

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Greenwood Brewing
425 East Roosevelt Street Phoenix, AZ 85004
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