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Arizona Talks: Entrepreneur Stories

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Entrepreneurs are businesspeople, risk-takers, and dreamers. They also play an important role in the kind of innovation that drives the US economy.

Come hear local Arizona Entrepreneurs share their stories and enjoy great beer in a wonderful outdoor setting in Downtown Phoenix.

RSVP is required in our socially distanced Beer Garden for everyone to enjoy safely.

This event is hosted by Arizona Talks and Greenwood Brewing.

What to expect at the event

  • Delicious local beer in a socially-distanced space at Phoenix’s newest brewery downtown (space is limited!)
  • Short personal stories from distinguished speakers with diverse backgrounds
  • A great way to learn from other people’s experiences!




Carlos Velasco, Owner at Novle

With more than eleven years of relationship building experience, Carlos dedicates his time and know-how to helping business owners, corporate executives and non-profit organizations develop genuine relationships with the Latino community.

Carlos is a proud husband and father, a contagious autodidact, and a not-so-good golfer. He is also a graduate of the Hispanic Leadership Institute, a recipient of the 40 Under 40 Hispanic Leaders Award, and the Business Journal Diversity Champion Award. He was also a participant of the BALLE Fellowship.

To learn more about Novle, please visit their website.

Megan Greenwood, Owner at Greenwood Brewing

I started Greenwood Brewing because (of course) I LOVE making tasty beer, but what I love even more is creating a product that provides an avenue for new and powerful conversation. I believe women need to encourage each other and share with each other in order to create change in their lives, and craft beer can be a vehicle for culture shift. Why? Because craft beer promotes social experiences and social experiences promote conversation. The right conversation can promote change – and that’s the ultimate goal.

Welcome to Greenwood Brewing. Let’s share something great together over the latest batch of brews. We promise it’ll be an experience to remember.

Stephanie Vasquez, Owner at Fair Trade Cafe

Stephanie Vasquez was already helping the future of the Valley as a teacher in west Phoenix, but 14 years ago she took a leap of faith and opened Fair Trade Café, serving up what she calls coffee with a conscience.

“Mother Earth, where coffee’s grown, how people cultivate the land, how consumers drink and consume coffee.” said Vasquez. With every cup she hoped to educate people about the working conditions around the world; all of her coffee is grown on farms that pay their workers fairly and are treated properly.

“We’re all intertwined and how my purchases is literally sustained livelihoods, generational livelihoods, from people all over the world,” said Vasquez.

Vasquez learned resilience from her family and culture and it has helped her during the trying times of owning a business.

“Well, I really am a mirror of my family and they, the way that my mother and father raised me, was to pride yourself in the work that you do.” Vasquez said.

Community is so vital to Vasquez that she created another passion project, Mujeres Mercado: A platform for other Latina-owned businesses to come together and showcase their work at her café.





Dec 10 2020


5:30 pm - 7:00 pm


Greenwood Brewing
425 East Roosevelt Street Phoenix, AZ 85004