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December 2021
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What We Do

Arizona Talks is a platform for learning, dialogue, and connection for individuals impacting public policy. We host public policy talks in Arizona to facilitate robust debate, open dialogue, and expert analysis on public policy, challenging policy leaders to engage.

Civil and substantive discussions on policy are essential to preserving a free society and a vital public service. As a nonprofit organization, we seek to create programs of distinction that influence involved individuals to promote a culture of open inquiry, fact based analysis, and vigorous, civil debate.

What to Expect

Our mission is to reinvigorate a culture of participation and civil dialogue in Arizona by hosting discussions that explore critical public policy issues and build enduring connections among leaders with different viewpoints.

Attendees and members enjoy our unique public programs featuring Arizona’s top policy venues, leaders, and issues. Our team organizes a live experience to drive educated discussion in a professional atmosphere. The live event experiences are featured online through our YouTube channel, podcast, and social platforms. Our exceptional programs attract leaders from across the spectrum to attend and participate. We invite you to join us in breaking the partisan divide and creating spaces for a better public dialogue.

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We facilitate robust debate, open dialogue, and expert analysis, challenging policy leaders to engage.

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Are you a media, industry, government, education, or community organization? Arizona Talks Organization Partnerships are offered to groups that support public policy conversations and civil dialogue. We are seeking to grow our community of like-minded organizations who will help us amplify our message and influence a society of freethinkers. Does this sound like you? Join us!

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