Arizona Talks: Housing

Thursday, September 28 | 6:00pm to 8:00pm

What can be done about Arizona's housing crisis?

Come enjoy an evening of local beer and special guest speakers. Learn about the issue of housing affordability in Arizona and what can be done and is being done to address it.


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Our Speakers for the Night

Jessica Boehm

Jessica Boehm

Phoenix Reporter at Axios

Photo of Steve Kaiser

Steve Kaiser

Former Arizona State Senator (R)

Analise Ortiz

Analise Ortiz

Arizona State Representative (D-LD24)

Photo of Joan Serviss

Joan Serviss

Director of the Arizona Department of Housing

Amy St. Peter

Deputy Executive Director, Maricopa Association of Governments (MAG)

About the Event

What is this about?

Arizona is facing a housing affordability crisis.

For example, the Maricopa Association of Governments cites multiple statistics that point to a growing number of housing-related issues that Maricopa County residents are facing: 

  • Since 2017, rents have increased by 68%
  • In 2010, 90% of rents were under $1000 with 20% being under $500. By the end of 2022, only 10% of rents were under $1000 with virtually none under $500.
  • Median home prices have risen nearly 33% in the past two years even as interest rates have risen. 
  • Eviction rates have increased 22% since January of 2020.

Why come to this event?

Come hear from some of Arizona’s top policy minds, learn about the issue of housing in Arizona from a variety of different perspectives, and meet other people who care about this issue.

What is Arizona Talks?

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