Jackie Salit​

Jackie Salit​

President, Independent Voting​

Jacqueline Salit is a Professor of Practice at Arizona State University, where she co-directs the ASU Center for an Independent and Sustainable Democracy. She is President of Independent Voting, the national non-profit representing the 45% plus of Americans who choose not to identify with a political party. Salit is a 30-year veteran of the independent movement, playing vital roles in the groundbreaking independent presidential campaigns of Ross Perot and Lenora Fulani. She ran the Independence Party segment of Michael Bloomberg’s three successful NYC mayoral campaigns.  Salit is the author of Independents Rising (Palgrave MacMillan) and co-author of The Independent Voter (Routledge Press). Also a playwright and a member of the Dramatists Guild, her plays include Shackleton on Ice, Votes, The American Society of One-Hit Wonders, Call Me Shirley and BALDWIN/KENNEDY.  She resides in Clarkdale in the Mingus Mountains.

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