Mark Lamb

Mark Lamb

Sheriff, Pinal County

Mark Lamb was elected as the 24th Sheriff of Pinal County on January 1, 2017. Sheriff Lamb oversees a county the size of Connecticut and manages more than 650 employees within the department. Lamb is currently running for Arizona’s U.S. Senate seat.  As a constitutional conservative, Sheriff Lamb is a strong supporter of our 2nd Amendment rights and the enforcement of all of our laws, including those that pertain to fighting illegal immigration, and he is determined to protect the rights and freedoms of the people whom he serves. Lamb serves on the frontlines at the Southern Border, fighting the criminal cartels to prevent the flow of deadly fentanyl and human trafficking. He and his wife, along with their five children, have made San Tan Valley home for the past 13 years. As Sheriff, he focuses a lot of time on youths in the community and supports activities that help them grow into dedicated, successful adults. Spending time in schools, successful jail programs for veterans, young offenders program, and his Youth Redirection Program are just a few of the successful programs under his leadership.

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