Rusty Bowers

Rusty Bowers

Former Speaker of the Arizona House

Rusty Bowers is a fourth-generation Arizonan, husband of Donetta, father of the magnificent 7 with 20 grandchildren, artist, former Speaker of the Arizona House, and one wanting to do good with his time on this earth. He has served the people of his district through a span of nearly three decades, successfully navigating many of the difficult issues faced by the State during that time. He both leads and follows as issues demand and has a reputation of being tough but fair. Well aware of his imperfections, he tries to be a humble man and has learned the truth of the Emerson quote- “That which you persist in doing becomes easier” - not that the nature of the endeavor has changed but one's ability to do it has increased. He has learned through the incredible variety of experiences of his life skills and leadership that make him comfortable and capable working within the political world for the cause of good in an effective way.

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