Tuesday, March 26 | 6:00pm to 8:00pm

How can we improve our immigration process?

We invite you to join us at Thunderbird School of Global Management for an evening of guest speakers sharing their stories, expertise, and views from across the political spectrum as we discuss immigration and the current crisis at our border.

What are the biggest challenges to immigration reform? What are the major disagreements on how to operate our borders? What can we do now?


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Our Speakers for the Night

Luis Acosta Herrera

Luis Acosta Herrera

Partner, Oracle Strategies

Mike Broomhead

Mike Broomhead

Host, "The Mike Broomhead Show"

Mark Lamb

Mark Lamb

Sheriff, Pinal County

Greg Stanton

Greg Stanton

U.S. Representative (D-AZ-04)

Monica Villalobos

Monica Villalobos

President & CEO, Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

About the Event

What is this about?

With the 2024 elections coming up, Immigration is proving to be one of the biggest issues concerning voters. An AP-NORC poll taken in December of 2023 showed that 35% of respondents replied that immigration is a top issue for them breaking down to 55% for Republicans and 22% for Democrats.

The recent border surge resulted in a temporary shutdown of the Lukeville border checkpoint, a popular checkpoint for tourism and commerce.

Given that the last comprehensive immigration bill happened under the Reagan administration, many feel it is time for another look at our immigration system.

Why come to this event?

Come hear from some of Arizona’s top policy minds, learn about the issue of immigration in Arizona from a variety of different perspectives, and meet other people who care about this issue.

What is Arizona Talks?

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